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Betances, Miller Represent Pinstripes Well At Midsummer Classic

In the American League’s 4-2 win in the All-Star Game, two dynamic bullpen arms of the New York Yankees played an integral role.

Believe it or not, the All-Star Game is no joke. Every pitch, every swing, every great play is the difference between one league getting the leg up in the Fall Classic.

In the 87th game of its kind, it was the AL propelling themselves to home-field advantage with a 4-2 win over the NL. Fittingly enough, arguably the two best relief pitchers in baseball over the last two years where right in the thick of it.

Dellin Betances fanned two in one of the more electrifying innings you will see, dialing his fastball up a notch on a national stage. Handed the seventh inning, similar to his role in the Bronx, the 28-year-old thrived.

Directly following him was teammate Andrew Miller, who was been unquestionably the most prominent arm in the Yankee bullpen this year. Despite running into some trouble in the eighth, the slinging southpaw was a contributing factor in setting the table for Zach Britton in the ninth.

In reality, if the Yankees organization wanted anyone remotely involved with their franchise to represent them in San Diego, it would be these two.

Two individuals who have struck out a phenomenal 378 opposing batters in 229 combined innings over the time they have been paired up. A franchise demanding excellence would only want players signifying utter dominance to represent their name.

Not only were they there to share a moment, but they helped solidify an important factor for a league their team resides with.

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