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Greatest New York Yankees Moments In All-Star Game History

2000: Jeter Becomes The First Yankee To Win All-Star Game MVP

Jeter was formerly elected to the AL roster as a reserve in 2000 to future teammate Alex Rodriguez but an injury would pave the way for the Yankees’ legend to have a career-defining night.

Now the starting shortstop (in his first career All-Star start), Jeter ripped a first-inning double off future hall-of-fame inductee Randy Johnson, then hit two singles off Kevin Brown and Al Leiter. Jeter provided two RBI and a runs scored to the AL’s 6-3 victory over the NL as he took home the most valuable player award.

As impressive as that is, he soon became the first player in baseball history to win All-Star Game MVP and World Series MVP honors in the same year after tearing apart his cross-town rivals in the Subway Series.

So there’s our list. Note, it’s not in any particular order because each moment was special in its own way.

Nevertheless, which moments do you think deserved a spot on our list? Anything I missed? Could Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances, or Carlos Beltran explode tonight to earn a spot on a future list? Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

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