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Daniel Murphy Stands Up To Cancer For Sandy Alderson

Former New York Mets infielder Daniel Murphy stood up to cancer during the MLB All Star game to support Sandy Alderson. 

You don’t need to tell Daniel Murphy to stay classy just because he’s in San Diego.

The former New York Mets infielder made an incredibly thoughtful gesture, using his “Stand Up To Cancer” Card to represent Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson. He may not wear the orange and blue anymore, but he’s still got love for his old boss.

This goes beyond baseball, though. This is one good human being showing support for another. Alderson, who remains active in the front office despite being treated for cancer, surely has to be proud of his former all star.

Terry Collins also paid tribute to Alderson, using his moment to support the Mets GM.

You just have to love the human aspect of sports sometimes. We see athletes, managers, and front office people as larger than life individuals. They have feelings and integrity, too.

Well done, Murph. Well done, Terry Collins. Well done, humanity.

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