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New York Yankees First Half Report Card

Final Verdict

The New York Yankees are a mediocre team. If they want to contend and make a run, they buy. If they want to look towards a potentially bright future, they sell. If they want to finish with 80-82 wins, they stand pat.

Offseason improvements combined with what they already had were expected to help improve last year’s win total. If you take the first half with that in mind, disappointment will be the immediate result.

On the other hand, if you consider the fact that everyone is a year older and the additions have only helped this team from crumbling, you might view a 44-44 first half a general success.

A .500 clip at the break provides the organization with a chance to declare themselves. They know who they are and, in turn, envision what lies ahead.

The normal mindset of the front office would entail the thought that the Yankees are too good for .500 baseball and Yankee Stadium is too good for empty seats. On the contrary, new and innovative minds may view the team as fortunate to have avoided implosion.

Take it for what it is because there is certainly no promise land in sight.

First Half Grade: C-

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