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New York Yankees First Half Report Card

Starting Pitching

A starting rotation that entered the season with so much uncertainty and ‘if’ factors has lived up to its name. Overall, the staff that comprises mainly of Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova, CC Sabathia, and Nathan Eovaldi has simply not gotten the job done. In fact, Tanaka is arguably the only guy who has kept it purely consistent.

The unit has combined for a 26-34 record and an ERA that ranks 23rd in baseball (4.80). In addition, the team’s starters only give them an average of just over five and a half innings a start.

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With shallow middle relief prior to the ultimate hammer, the team has been left vulnerable when not provided with length.

Pineda was brutal to watch over his first handful of starts before finally pitching respectably, Eovaldi completely fell off the table prior to a brief demotion to the bullpen, Nova has been extremely shaky in his 12 starts, and CC has become a mystery after an absolutely brilliant start to his campaign.

Question marks, question marks, question marks.

The starting rotation is as much to blame as any other aspect of the team, and it will continue to draw scrutiny if second half improvements or alterations are not made.

Grade: D

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