New York Knicks Officially Introduce New Signings (Video)

Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks officially introduced Joakim Noah, Brandon Jennings and Courtney Lee today.

If you’re a diehard New York Knicks fan, yesterday was a good day.

Carmelo Anthony and Joakim Noah made some of their hard summer work public. On one video they even worked out on the court together.

Today, though, came the official part of the Knicks summer.

Phil Jackson and the Knickerbockers officially introduced their new signings: Noah, Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings.

The day included everything from the players officially signing on the dotted lines to brand-spanking new photos to videos of the Zen-Master speaking about the goings on of the last few weeks.

The only thing left is to prove it on the court. Knicks fans could hardly wait for the 2016-17 NBA season to commence. Finally, a winner could be possible at Madison Square Garden.

H/T Twitter, @nyknicks

New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony & Joakim Noah Working Hard (Video)