Despite all the rumors and speculations, the New York Yankees have told setup man Andrew Miller that he is safe. 

Sell sell sell. That seems to what fans of the New York Yankees are calling for the organization to do yet they are focused on retaining key pieces in order to keep their foot on the gas pedal.

Andrew Miller was one of the main pieces rumored to be on the move, as his contract is trade-friendly. Additionally, there many contending teams in urgent demand of relief pitching and Miller could provide elite relief for a team with championship aspirations.

Miller has maintained a 1.83 earned run average while recording 43 saves while striking out 15.2 batters per nine innings. So yes, teams like the Chicago Cubs will be asking.

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“The media has been throwing a few things out there, but I’ve had reassurances from them [the Yankees] at the times I’ve talked to them that it’s something that hasn’t been discussed or planned for or anything like that,” Miller told “I think that’s kind of nice.”

Sure, that’s “nice,” but the Yankees literally control the market at this moment. Miller’s $9 million a year through 2018 along with his no trade clause is very deal-able and if they name their price, a team will bite.

However, despite the logic that selling makes, general manager Brian Cashman is open to all options. Just this morning the Yankees were rumored to be in the running for Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher, Matt Moore.

Logic tells them to sell but, they have yet to identify themselves thus meaning an entertaining, and unusual for Yankee fans, next couple of weeks are in store for the organization.

Strap in, it may be a bumpy ride.

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