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New York Yankees: Brian Cashman “Open To Anything”

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is becoming more definitive regarding the organization’s trade deadline stance.

The New York Yankees’ trade deadline stance is turning from one of pure mystery to a definitive truth.

According to Buster Olney of ESPN, although the team has not declared itself, the New York Yankees are listening to offers suggesting the departure of some key pieces currently residing on their 25-man roster.

Rival evaluators claim that Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, and other integral pieces to the puzzle are being discussed in these calls. With this piece of news comes the speculation that the front office is preparing as if the team will be sellers at the August 1 trade deadline.

In a recent interview that Olney conducted with general manager Brian Cashman, it was revealed that the Yanks are open to “everything and anything.” Whether that means going all in for 2016 or dismantling the current roster in order to field a winner in 2017, it is evident that the team will be an active player in trade talks.

With that said, Cashman’s direct words were that the “clock is ticking.” The current state of the club would suggest that shipping some vital pieces such as Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, and the bullpen arms for some massive, big-league-ready value would be the proper course of action.

He also spoke extremely highly of prospects Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, leading one to believe that the front office is eager to watch them burst upon the scene.

So while the inevitable question of “buyers or sellers” has yet to be answered, fans can sit tight knowing that talks will be executed and deals will be made.

Regardless of what transpires, an interesting couple of weeks are destined to ensue in Yankee land.

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