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Matt Harvey just doesn’t seem to have it anymore for the New York Mets.

Although the New York Mets came back in dramatic fashion on July 4th, it was not because of their so-called ace, Matt Harvey. The right-hander has been downright awful this year in all capacities.

Now sitting at 4-10 on the year, the Dark Knight has now lasted 3.2 innings in two consecutive starts. His ERA is at 4.86, which is the 23rd highest ERA among qualifying pitchers in all of Major League Baseball.

While most of the blame lies with the 27-year-old, the Mets could certainly help the righty by scoring some runs so he knew what it was like to pitch with a lead.  The offense has scored a dismal average of 2.7 runs in his starts.

Something has to be wrong with Harvey, but what can the Mets do about it?

I am no expert in determining the talent of a major league pitcher but it definitely does not look like there is a problem with his stuff, as he still has his 95-plus mph fastball and his above average breaking balls. So what is it?

Is it a mechanical flaw in the superstar’s delivery?  That was a thought that was put to bed when the ‘Dark Knight’ returned and was the pitcher of old for two starts. However, he has returned to his below average ways.

Perhaps the days of Matt Harvey being the ace for this franchise are over.  Maybe it is a mental thing where Batman is jealous of Thor and the other fantastic pitchers the Mets continue to develop in their system.

If it is true that Harvey just can’t hang with the big boys anymore, he will either have to get over his head issues or the Mets should think about shipping him while he still has above average value.

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The Mets’ faithful deserve better from this guy.  The fans have been on Harvey’s side through thick and thin. If he wants to continue to pitch like a bum, then fans will continue to turn on him rather than providing unjustified support.

It is almost as if he views himself as untouchable, but, in reality, he is just plain bad and needs someone or something to get his competitive juices flowing again.

A trip to the minors might be what the doctor ordered — a direct resemblance of the Michael Conforto scenario.  Now is the time to do it as the team is nearing to the All Star break and he sure as hell isn’t going to be on the National League squad.

Let him marinate for two or three starts and see if he can get himself going in the right direction.

Harvey’s inability to produce a consistent rate at the big league level is nowhere close to what the team needs or desires. The performance he brings night in and night out is downright embarrassing and extremely disappointing.


Whether is is a mechanical flaw, a mental issue, or something else, it is no longer early in the season. Moreover, he is a vital piece to a large puzzle that is the 2016 New York Mets.

Something has to be done.

This guy is just too good to be wasted like this. Trade him, fix him, or figure out something else. Continuing to let this happen every five days should end right now.

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