New York Mets Fan Offers Bartolo Colon His Prosthetic Leg (Photo)

If you need a leg, perhaps, maybe like Bartolo Colon, there’s one New York Mets fan who is thrilled to help out.

By already glancing at the tweet above, you know the phrase that’ll lead off this story.

The somewhat predictable and very non-witty line is, “Can you give me a hand?”

You’ve said it many times. You’ve heard people ask you the universal question too many times to count.

This New York Mets fan takes the phrase to another level while completely tossing it on its head.

In response a Marc Carig of Newsday tweet that Bartolo Colon had been dealing with some discomfort in his leg, this Mets fan – @patty1leg082913, Patrick Filosa – provided the best tweet response in quite some time (above).

He offered a helping leg, literally.

This superfan offered up his customized Mets prosthetic leg to Saturday night’s starter who came away with the win over the Chicago Cubs.

In addition to rooting for his Mets, Pat plays for the National Stand-Up Amputee Basketball Team. (Amp 1 Basketball.)

It doesn’t get much better than that folks.

H/T Twitter, @patty1leg082913

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