Boston Celtics Pathetically Turn To Tom Brady In Recruiting Kevin Durant

In a desperate attempt to lure Kevin Durant to the northeast, the Boston Celtics have turned to Tom Brady and David Ortiz.

Hey, if you’re in the Hamptons, you might as well bring along the big guns. Right?

This is where Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics found themselves while meeting with mega NBA free agent Kevin Durant today. So, they took advantage by bringing in one of New England’s finest.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was on hand helping the Celtcis recruit KD to Boston.

Why? Why in the world would this do anything?

The man plays football. He’s suspended for the first four game of the season for cheating, and more importantly, lying.

What would Tom Brady have to say that would sway Durant’s opinion in favor of the Celtics that drastically. I mean, come on now.

Then, if Brady wasn’t enough, David Ortiz sent out this beauty of a Tweet:

Can we kiss the guy’s ass anymore?

I’m sorry. Durant will make his decision based on the personnel and the vision Ainge projects at the meeting.

It’s that simple.

H/T Twitter, @RCH1|1

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  1. only time pathetic and Tom Brady may ever be used in the same sentence 🙂 –great job by Ainge and co– you seem to not understand that it is about the city and the fans most of all–Ainge knows it, and so does TB and Papi–Go Celtics! Al Horford !!!!! yes!