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New York Yankees: Five Most Dramatic Comeback Wins This Decade

8/25/11- Yanks Use Three Grand Slams To Fuel Comeback

The Bombers were trying to avoid a sweep, which felt impossible especially after they fell behind the Oakland Athletics 7-1 after three innings before a historic power display brought New York back to life.

Robinson Cano initiated the comeback with a grand slam in the fifth by launching a shot into the lower deck in right field to make it 7-6 Yankees.

Then, Russel Martin connected in the sixth inning with the bases loaded on a fastball that barely left Yankee Stadium to throw the Yankees ahead 10-7. In the eighth, Curtis Granderson got in on the barrage by launching a shot to help cap off the biggest comeback win since 2006 and help his team avoid a three-game sweep

To put the icing on the cake, the Yankees became the first team in major league history to hit three grand slams in a game and the highest-scoring game since they put 22 runs across the board in Boston in 2000.