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New York Yankees: Five Most Dramatic Comeback Wins This Decade

Kathy Willens, AP
Kathy Willens, AP

The New York Yankees have seen their fair share of epic come-from-behind wins since the beginning of our current decade. 

There’s just something about comeback wins that makes it just a little sweeter than any other type of prevailing effort.

The improbability of a team rising from the dead in order to walk away with a victory that you “weren’t supposed to have” creates an indescribable feeling, something Didi Gregorius is clearly feeling in the picture above.

Last night, Didi capped off a four-run New York Yankees comeback with a walk-off two-run blast to help the Bombers win a game they desperately needed to have to avoid a series loss.

So that brought up: what are the best come-from-behind wins have we seen this decade? When you consider leverage, improbability, and difficulty, New York has taken part in some crazy come backs since 2010.

Some were crazier than others, but the slideshow you’re about to take part in will bring you down memory lane and revisit some of the most prominent victories we’ve seen in modern memory.