England fell to Iceland in European Championships, which left us with an Icelandic commentator that could not control his emotions.

“Brexit” from the tournament, they said.

No, not just the European Union, but the European Championships, too. England’s embarrassing loss to Iceland will sting a nation of over 50 million people, but it has brought joy to the internet in the form of one crazy Icelandic commentator.

This guy might need to get his blood pressure checked. There’s another round for Iceland to play, and it’s hard to imagine what another upset victory might do to the announcer.

Fair play to this guy, though. When is the small nation of Iceland ever going to have a moment like this again? There’s no telling what the next round holds, but this could potentially be a once in a lifetime moment.

A quick phone call to his cardiologist can’t be a bad idea, though.

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