New York Yankees

The New York Yankees and StubHub are expected to strike a deal by tomorrow morning to make the ticket service the organization’s primary option.

A long war between StubHub and the New York Yankees is coming to an end. The two sides are expected to agree to a deal north of $100 million by tomorrow morning with the hope of a smooth partnership.

Ticketmaster was the primary fan ticket exchange service to start 2016 as the Yanks banned PDF ticket use in favor of mobile exchange and nearby pickup. The maneuver was destined to hurt sales by forcing fans to be far more flexible than they should have to be.

A new deal between the two sides, which will take full effect following the all-star break, should bring convenience back to ticket sales, close the inconvenient and problematic StubHub office residing near Yankee Stadium, and make fan-to-fan exchange an enjoyable process once again.

For the Yankees’ front office, having this particular organization as an ally should only relieve potential headaches that would continue to arise by go against a renowned service.

The official announcement is set to be made at 11:30 am ET at Yankee Stadium.

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