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Big Changes Coming For The New York Mets?

New York Mets

With the New York Mets desperately looking for offense, big changes could be coming.

The New York Mets are coming off being swept by the National League’s worst team, the Atlanta Braves, in a three-game set. Every team can have a bad series, but to lose three to this terrible Braves team is unfathomable.

The Mets are coming off a trip to the World Series last year, they have four unbelievable pitchers, and, on paper, a better offense than they did last year.  What the heck is going on?

Terry Collins has finally had enough or so he said after Sunday’s 6-0 loss to their division rivals. He vows to shake up struggling the Mets.

What changes could come for this wannabe major league offense? The first change or decision the skipper will have to make is to send down Michael Conforto to Las Vegas in hopes to get him confidently hitting once again. Collins told Knobler that benching Conforto is not an option and said they would look at every angle with regards to the young outfielder.

It is about time, because this waiting game to see if this offense is going to perform is far overdue. Everyone but the Mets’ decision makers see that change has to be made. The Mets are completely wasting an opportunity with this once in a lifetime pitching staff.

At this point, they do not have anything to lose because their lineup cannot get much worse than it already is at this point in the season.

A possibility could be bringing up 22-year-old second baseman Dilson Herrera and shifting Neil Walker to third base. Herrera is batting .290 with 10 home runs and 38 RBIs in for the Triple-A club. They could also just do a straight swap by bringing up outfielder Brandon Nimmo. Nimmo is only 23 years of age and is batting .327 for the Vegas club.

These two guys are of course minor league ball players and nobody knows if their skills will translate to the big show. What does the Big Apple’s club have to lose though?

They are already not producing runs, so if the same happens with the changes that are coming then what is the difference?


But lets be optimistic here and hope the changes put a spark up this offense’s rear end. Mets’ faithful are hoping Collins is good on his word because they just watched their club slip into third place in the division, falling behind the Miami Marlins.

The changes could come as soon as tomorrow, or at least that is everyone is hoping for, but they need to happen before the trade deadline as it could be too much to tread water for that long.

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