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Dad Becomes A Multi-Tasking Hero With Sensational One-Handed Catch (Video)

Holding on not only to his food, his program, but his daughter, a father made a catch of a lifetime while watching the Phillies take on the Blue Jays.

There have been some unbelievable catches by fans at major league baseball games, but this particular dad defied all odds in hauling in a Kevin Pillar first inning foul ball down the right field line.

Had he squandered his food or, more importantly, his daughter, he may have made his way on ESPN’s ‘Not Top 10’.

However, he did not. By hauling in the foul ball with one hand, not sacrificing any of his prized possessions in the process, the man became an overnight sensation.

He later explained on the Phillies telecast, alongside his daughter Emily, that he did in fact lose some french fries, but “30 years” of playing experience aided him in snagging the baseball.

The man’s name is Brian Kucharik, and it is a memory that will last him a lifetime.

H/T NBC2 News

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