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Bobblearms? Staten Island Yankees Schedule Unique Giveaway

Former New York Yankees farmhand Pat Venditte is a switch-pitcher, and one of their minor league affiliates is making it known by revolutionizing the bobblehead.

When Pat Venditte was young and imagined getting honored with a bobblehead, he probably thought it would be a figure with his head shaking. 20 years later and a minor league team he used to pitch for is honoring him with a bobblehead, but with shaking arms.

The Staten Island Yankees are adding some fun to an already unique attribute that Venditte, a switch-pitcher, possesses.

On August 19, make sure you are one of the first 2500 fans in attendance so you receive a one-of-a-kind figurine. The head will not shake, the arms will.

The 30-year-old who has been up and down in the Blue Jays organization this year showed his appreciation and approval on Twitter.

Yes, he can check that one off the bucket list. So can the game of baseball because that is as rare of an act as you will see.

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