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The New York Mets’ injuries and lack of offense has left them in need of a spark. Could a reunion with Jose Reyes jumpstart the club? 

It’s mid-June and the New York Mets are five games out of first place. While it’s not quite time for the citizens of panic city to return, it’s clear the team is need of some type of spark.

What better way to energize the team and the fanbase by bringing back old friend Jose Reyes? It’s obvious he’s not close to the player he once was, but there still could be something left in the tank for the 32 year old.

As you reminisce of the memories of the old Shea Stadium faithful chanting “Jose, Jose, Jose…,” a second tour of duty for one of the most beloved New York Mets players in team history sounds riveting.

The Mets need offense, the fanbase would welcome him back, and jersey sales certainly wouldn’t go down. Additionally, Reyes can’t possibly be happy in Colorado as promising young infielders Trevor Story and DJ Lemahieu look to be the future of the Rockies’ middle infield.

Reyes is also on the verge of finishing a 51 game suspension for his role in a domestic violence case. His rehab assignment ends on Wednesday, and the Rockies must make a decision regarding his roster spot. A trade is a very realistic possibility.

It makes so much sense for Reyes to come home, right?

Now, put that number seven jersey back in the closet, and throw some cold water over your face, because this is not happening.

First and foremost, Reyes is owed about $44 million dollars through the end of the 2017 season. Even if Colorado were to eat a significant portion of his contract (be it unlikely), the Mets would still be on the hook for several millions of dollars for a player on the wrong side of 32. Reyes also only figures to be a part time player on the Mets, making the money not worth it. If the Mets are going to add payroll, it’s likely to be on a player that can start regularly or come out of the bullpen.

Consider Reyes’ lengthy injury history a major problem in a possible New York return also. The Mets have enough injuries as it is, spent the second most time on the DL of any team last season, and don’t need a player on the back half of his career with several previous lower body injuries. The public relations fallout from his domestic violence related suspension doesn’t help, either.

Yes, David Wright and Lucas Duda‘s injuries have taken a toll on the infield depth, but the acquisition of Reyes wouldn’t solve those problems. Wilmer Flores is now playing regularly, and beginning to look much better at the plate (batting .406 in June). Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera will see the lion share of playing time up the middle. Most notably, the recent re-acquisition of Kelly Johnson nixes just about any chance of Reyes returning to Queens.

Jose Reyes‘s days in Colorado could be numbered. However, that doesn’t mean a trade back to the New York Mets is imminent.

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