The late great New York Knicks point-forward Anthony Mason has just been honored in the Big Apple with his own street.

Once hearing this news the diehard New York Knicks fan has only one reaction.

This reaction goes a little like this: “Oh hell yeah.”

That quick, emphatic phrasing could be the only appropriate reaction when hearing that the late great New York Knicks point-forward Anthony Mason just had a New York City street named in his honor.

On the corner of Rockaway Boulevard and 147th St. in South Jamaica is where the forever tribute for Mase took place (video above).

Via Newsday:

“Saturday’s street co-naming, in front of now 92-year-old Mary, Mason’s four children, other family members, politicians, community members and former teammate John Starks, served as a symbol of something that has become Anthony Mason Jr.’s way.”

Mason Sr., of course, passed away unexpectedly due to heart complications at the way-too-young age of 48 this past February. He played in the NBA from 1989 to 2003 including a memorable five year stint with the Knicks.

H/T Newsday, Brian Heyman

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  1. Can’t make up for losing a father prematurely , but his family must be proud knowing their dad was so loved and appreciated . He was one of my favorite players because he was a key part of the best teams the Knicks ever had and made us fans proud to know teams were almost scared to face the team and the beat down they were sure to catch from Mase , Oak , Ewing , Starks , and Harper. When the team decided they had to trade him , or Oakley I always thought it should have been Oak because Anthony had a lot more skills .