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Why The New York Yankees Will Win The AL East

Thrilling September

The overall win count should be the least of the Yankees’ concerns. Based on their current record (31-32), they would need to go a superb 59-30 the rest of the way in order to finish with 90 wins.

However, it is unlikely 90 wins will be needed to earn a playoff spot and just as unlikely that amount of victories is needed for the division title. The Yanks will play 30 games in the month of September into early October. 27 of those games will be against AL East opponents. Seven of those match-ups will be against Boston and six will be against Baltimore. To top it off, their final six games of the season are against the Red Sox and Orioles, respectively, at Yankee Stadium.

Their record in the AL East (10-17) has not helped them so far, but if they want the division it will be right there for the taking. Taking any trade deadline moves or shifts in production throughout the roster into account, New York can potentially be a much stronger and developed club entering the season’s final month.

If the Yanks simply win series and take the AL East showdowns game by game, they will find themselves out of a situation where their season has to come down to one game.

For well-defined reasons, there should be a mutual belief in Yankee land that the American League East will be theirs. Despite doubts, concerns, and pure ignorance that rode over the team, no one should be shocked if the New York Yankees are the ones spraying champagne on one another come late September.

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