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Why The New York Yankees Will Win The AL East

Kathy Willens, AP
Kathy Willens, AP

In a division that contains so much uncertainty from top to bottom, the New York Yankees have the personnel and formula to come out on top.

The overall performance of the New York Yankees thus far in 2016 has left fans scratching their heads, jumping for joy, or anywhere in between.

However, the same has been the case with just about every team in their once prominent division. An AL East that used to produce champions rather than first round exits has had an output of mediocrity as opposed to prowess in recent years.

With that said, the door is left wide open for anyone to seize a path to the division crown. While early results have shown the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox to be top dogs in the division, no true signs have indicated that the tide will not shift.

There lie the Yankees. A team that remains inconsistent but maintains the pieces in place to make the playoffs by way of the division title. The notion may not provide clarity at the moment, but by comparison it will.

Of course a long road lies ahead, but there are promising reasons to believe the Bombers will take the American League by storm in the last 99 games of the season.