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Why The New York Yankees Will Win The AL East

Stolen Wins

This factor has already been witnessed by every single Yankee fan. The Bombers have a characteristic that no other team truly has this year. They have the ability to win games that they should not necessarily win.

With the three-headed monster, or insurance policy in true words, looming at the back end of the bullpen, games can essentially be locked up simply by leading after six innings.

Take May 29 in Tampa Bay as a direct example of what has transpired and what will continue to transpire. The Yanks were in a tight rubber game with the Rays and desperately wanted to get out of St. Petersburg with a series win. They were being no-hit until Starlin Castro drove a pitch over the left-center field wall for a two-run shot to give the Yankees a 2-1 lead in the top of the seventh.

At that very point, the Yankees were on the verge of committing theft. They proceeded to unleash Dellin Betances in the seventh, Andrew Miller in the eighth, and Aroldis Chapman in the ninth. The trio combined to strike out seven of the nine batters faced in a perfect three innings.

The Yankees had no business coming out victorious in that game and series in Tampa. They got one hit, and still found a way to steal a win.

Those are the type of victories that will pile up and help separate Joe Girardi’s team from the rest of the pack when the finish line nears. No other team in the AL East or the rest of the league for that matter contain the insurance policy at the end of games that the Yankees harness.