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Why The New York Yankees Will Win The AL East

Improved Starting Staff

Most can agree that the starting rotation of the Yankees has largely over-performed thus far in 2016. A question mark rode over each and every pitcher heading into 2016 with the exception of Luis Severino. Ironically enough, Severino is one that has faltered the most to the point where he is in Scranton.

Nevertheless, the question marks have been answered. Masahiro Tanaka has been as consistent as they come and he is showing no signs of a tail-off.

CC Sabathia has been so shocking and sensational that he is not only outperforming his 2016 expectations, but he is outdoing every single season he has ever pitched.

Nathan Eovaldi has been steady with a few blips along the way yet maintains the best record on the staff. The flame thrower is now 20-5 since putting on pinstripes at the start of last year.

Ivan Nova’s conversion from a long reliever back to a starter has not been regretted, and Michael Pineda has completely changed the outlook of his campaign with his last three starts.

The Yankees can certainly be in contention with their current starting pitching, but can take the next step with a deadline move. The acquisition of a quality arm at the trade deadline will only solidify their chances for a division crown. An underrated starting five can only take a step up from this point forward.