Never is Stephen Curry asked to do more than play great offense.

Steve Kerr has a specific and designed role for the two-time MVP. He’s the point guard who shoots it from the parking garage after running off crazy indirect screens while also sharing the basketball for Klay Thompson and the rest of the band.

Curry’s role is clear-cut. LeBron James’s role is out of this world.

If the guy leaves Cleveland, the organization turns into a 20-win squad. When he comes back, they’re title contenders. When LBJ leaves Miami, they don’t have what it takes to win the East.

Do you think six consecutive East Championships are coincidence? Absolutely not. This guy does more for his basketball team that anything we’ve seen in a long time in this league.

The reason he can do it is directly attributed to his freakish versatility.

Their playoff numbers are indicative of two completely different players. While both are handling the ball the entire game, they couldn’t be more different in their outlooks.

[graphiq id=”94KpcTqeQqV” title=”LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry 2016 Playoff Stats” width=”600″ height=”503″ url=”” link=”” link_text=”LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry 2016 Playoff Stats | PointAfter” ]

The only two players who can even come close to resembling this prototype are Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson. That’s it. LeBron James is something we’ve never seen before.

Should he lose this series, marking his fifth NBA Finals loss, he’ll be hammered. There’s no question about that. Steph Curry will receive all the accolades even if Andre Iguodala notches his second straight MVP.

What folks need to keep in mind is that James wills his teams to a point they simply don’t deserve. They move past their true talent base simply because he’s so dominant.

His greatness will ultimately destroy a lot of his legend. Because he was so great, he made a ton of finals appearances, and thus, will be hammered for losing so many.

The Dubs are clearly the better team. It’s not even close. Putting aside how poor Kyrie Irving is on defense and how overrated Kevin Love is overall, the Warriors depth is supremely talented in comparison to the Cavs.

In many ways, those people who are jealous of LeBron’s unique physical package also throw some envy into the pot thanks to the unfortunate position he puts himself in once he gets to the NBA Finals.

This position is having his team severely over-matched through no fault of his own.

The truth is it doesn’t matter which team comes out on top in this series. LeBron James is the much greater basketball player than Stphen Curry.

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