The 2016 NBA Finals are not about LeBron James against Stephen Curry. If that was the case, one player would dominate every time.

Anything Stephen Curry can do, we feel we can do. Through the dazzling dribbling, fancy footwork, and ridiculously mesmerizing shooting, Curry’s smallish stature lends fans to believe basketball greatness is, indeed, possible.

If a guy close to our height is doing it, why couldn’t we all dream of being Steph?

LeBron James – Curry’s opponent for the second straight season in the NBA Finals – is slightly different. Actually, LeBron’s entire persona is completely opposite of Steph’s.

At 6’8”, 250 lbs., James is a freight train. Not only does he resemble a locomotive becuase of his ridiculous size, but his speed and athleticism for a man of his size mirrors nothing we’ve ever seen.

LeBron is a guy none of us can identify with.

Unfortunately for the little guys in the world, size does count. Size, athleticism, speed, strength – it all counts toward the entire package. With that in mind, when comparing the two greatest players in the NBA at this moment in time, there is no comparison.

LeBron James is head and shoulders above Stephen Curry.

Here are a few indisputable reasons why:

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