New York Papers Officially Welcome Knicks’ Jeff Hornacek To The Big Apple

Now that the big press conference is over and Jeff Hornacek is officially the New York Knicks head coach, the News and the Post responded.

Well, New York Daily News, tell us how you really feel.

If one were to describe the backpage of the News this morning, subtle wouldn’t be a word frequently used.

On it has James Dolan donning a devil persona welcoming “nice guy” Jeff Hornacek to the New York Knicks.

It’s a classic New York sports welcome.

Meanwhile, the New York Post took a different angle. They focused on Hornacek’s lovely daughter Abby, the same Abby Elite Sports NY discussed prior to Horny’s official hiring.

1d3fc230b0cc03f3e1258e73f0c8f2fd (1)Welcome to the Big Apple Hornacek family. Now all you have to do is win. Anything short of that, and this city will eat you alive.

H/T Barstool Sports NY

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