New York Mets’ Juan Lagares Robs Ichiro Of Two RBI (Video)

This catch by New York Mets centerfielder Juan Lagares was so good that it made his pitcher Jerry Blevins do the hip-hip-hooray cheer.

Have you ever been in a position that you saw something so remarkable that your body did something strange?

It’s almost like your body is 10 steps ahead of your mind.

Yeah, welcome to Jerry Blevins’s world on Sunday.

In the bottom of the 6th-inning in Miami, Blevins witnessed one of the better catches of the season courtesy of New York Mets centerfielder Juan Lagares. The ball came off the bat of Ichiro, and had it fallen in, would’ve easily scored two runs.

Blevins’s first reaction was classic. His look was one of disbelief. Then came the classic hip-hip-hooray cheer.

Yes, Blevins’s allowed his body to take control of his mind in that situation. Nobody does the hip-hip-hooray anymore.

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