Nate Diaz Hits UFC Head Man Dana White With The ‘Stockton Slap’ (Video)

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It appears all is well now that UFC boss Dana White was tagged with the “Stockton Slap” courtesy of BJJ master Nate Diaz.

Usually when a grown man gets slapped in the face, things aren’t going according to plan.

A slap to the face means upheaval. It’s the equivalent of fighting words.

In this case, as it pertains to UFC boss Dana White and one of his fighters Nate Diaz, a slap to the face has the opposite meaning.

Check out the Instagram post above as Diaz hits his boss with the “Stockton Slap,” his signature move in the octagon (warning: 2Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” is the music behind the slap and it contains NSFW lyrics).

Previously White met Diaz in Stockton, but left angry. This Instagram post from Saturday night now has us all believing all is well.

H/T Instagram, natediaz209

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