Jared Diamond covers the New York Yankees for The Wall Street Journal and his general presence has haunted the team. 

It makes logical sense that a guy with the last name ‘Diamond’ would cover baseball, but maybe he should take his talents elsewhere. His contributions to the New York Yankees are great on the web and in the paper, but the players cannot be feeling the same way.

The numbers show that when Diamond is in the Yankees’ press box, things go terribly wrong.

The differential goes without saying. When Diamond is at his home, the Yankees produce. When he innocently shows up to the ballpark, some sort of spell overtakes these players.

Diamond has admitted himself that maybe this just is not the right gig for him, constantly saying “my bad, guys”.

Change the brand of your pen, Jared; your handwriting. Just change something. Yankee fans grasping for straws will let superstition set in, and this development will not help!

Can you a wild guess what happened? The Yankees proceeded to take two out of three at Tropicana Field.

It is probable that many of you did not know that The Wall Street Journal even had a sports section. The team’s mystique does not seem to be flipped upside down by the ESPNs, MLB.coms, NY Posts, NY Times’, and Daily News’ of the world.

It is the lone presence of Jared Diamond and Wall Street’s coverage of the New York Yankees that has cost this team 12 games at the very least.

All fans can hope is his absence in Detroit and Baltimore this weekend, because it will plausibly guarantee at least three wins out of four.

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