New York Yankees starter Ivan Nova will be fighting a lawsuit against his former landlord after being accused of trashing his rental home in White Plains, New York.

Super Nova? Or Super Bad?

Apparently the difference seems to be difficult to notice as the New York Yankees starter left his rental home in New York with several damages featuring a cockroach infestation and damaged household items caused by the non-stop partying.

Jose Rodriguez, Ivan Nova’s former landlord, slammed the righty pitcher with a $50,000 lawsuit, according to NJ Media, and he plans to fight it.

“I haven’t done anything,” he said to NJ Media. “People want to take advantage of opportunities, but you have to understand that I’m good and I had nothing to do with that and I’m going to fight it.”

According to the NY Post, the partying has caused lights to be broken, windows shattered, ceilings damaged, cabinets broken, doors busted, and weird “gum stains” being found all over the property.

Who knew Nova, out of all players, would be such a party animal. If this accusation is true and he did, in fact, damage his rental home with hardcore partying, let’s all hit up the next one at 124 Sherman Ave. Bring your own beer.

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