New York Knicks Pursuing Kevin Durant Isn’t As Fantastic As It Seems

KD’s Already 27 With Injury Concerns

Carmelo Anthony played just 40 games two seasons ago. Now a year older at 32, his overall conditioning and body wellness will forever be a major headline.

Kevin Durant participated in just 27 games two seasons ago. KD, who’s already 27 years old, already has a Jones stress fracture under his belt. For those who are unaware, or who’ve already forgot, this was the injury that all but wiped out Durant’s 2014-15 campaign.

While many experts dismiss the possibility of the issue hindering him long-term, the idea of a completely spry Durant past 30 years of age is one that could easily be questioned.

Any issues Durant may have on top of a hobbled Melo would equal a downright disaster in a couple of years. If Durant comes to The Mecca, he’s coming on a long-term, max deal. The back-end of that deal would be extremely worrisome.