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The Case For Potential New York Yankees All-Stars

Andrew Miller

If it were up to me, I’d send “Run-DMC” out there in the first three innings but sadly for my fantasy world, that won’t happen but Andrew Miller surely warrants a roster spot in this year’s All-Star game as he, like Betances, does nothing but separate himself from the crowd.

“Miller Time” is a scary time for the opposition as he owns a 0.87 ERA (seventh-best), a 16.55 K/9 ratio (second-best), a 0.87 xFIP (first in the AL), and has stranded the second-most runners on base (98.4%). The opposition is also batting .162 against

Lefties are also batting .158 off Miller thanks in large part to his swooping slider that is the sixth most valuable pitch in all of baseball.

I habitually don’t let the numbers do all the ranting, but it’s considerably troublesome to talk over them on this one.


Miller joins his fellow teammate, Dellin Betances in San Diego. I would make a case for Aroldis Chapman but his 30-game suspension tampers with his ability to earn a roster spot.

It’s not breaking news that some players on the New York Yankees roster have played well below their expectations (which is All-Star caliber play) but there are still some guys that are among the best in the league.

Do you agree with the players that ESNY would send to this year’s showcase of the best talents in the game of baseball? Who would you make a case for? Let your voice be heard and get the conversation going in the comments below.

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