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The Case For Potential New York Yankees All-Stars

Dellin Betances
Dellin Betances

The All-Star game is about a month and a half away from commencing at Petco Park in California. Which New York Yankees will be making the trip?

The Major League All-Star game is one of the prominent traditions in the game of baseball as fans salivate over observing the best in the game take the field together.

Although the fans decide who will be on the flight to San Diego, California and at least one member from every club will be included, it’s fascinating to speculate as to who from the 2016 New York Yankees will be included.

With the exclusion of some of the best players in the game, no one is promised a roster spot. And despite the highly-populated Yankee nation who will be voting for their team, there will be many men in pinstripes that will be given a rest during the All-Star break.

Plus, it’s not logical to expect a dozen members from a team that ranks 25 in runs scored and manages an overall ERA of 4.09 (17th) while finding themselves in fourth place in the American League East to be given an invite.

Nevertheless, there are a ton of notable talent on this roster that has the potential to represent the American League in hopes to clinch home field advantage in this year’s World Series.

Will the following players make the cut? Maybe, maybe not. But here are some of the boys from the Bronx that can arguably make the team, and the case on why they should.