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The Case For Potential New York Yankees All-Stars

Nathan Eovaldi

Nathan Eovaldi has absolutely dazzled and worked his way up to stardom in the Bronx.

“Nasty Nate” currently owns a 6-2 record with a 3.71 ERA but has been influenced by a few shaky starts. According to Emmanuel Berbari, Eovaldi is on pace to win 20 games but as of right now, he’s emerging as an elite pitcher in the AL.

Against his nothing-but-nasty splitter, batters are batting .187 off the pitch and it ranks as the most effective splitter in all of baseball, according to FanGraphs.

His fastball velocity is up to 97 MPH, which is the best in the American League and only second in all of baseball sitting only behind Noah Syndergaard.

In his last three starts, Eovaldi has allowed one run or less and has pitched two two hitters while dealing a one-hitter against the Texas Rangers. He is also won four-straight starts with his last defeat coming on April 20.


Eovaldi will not make this year’s midsummer classic. Unfortunately, his standard statistics do not separate themselves from the rest of the tough crowd that finds itself above “Nate Dog.”