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NHL Just Cannot Get Out Of It’s Own Way

Just when you thought the NHL couldn’t get any dumber, they went and completely showed fans that they can indeed get dumber.

Dumb and Dumber is a classic movie, but not one that the NHL should take a cue from.

But it seems that’s exactly what they did when they told the Tampa Bay Lightning that they cannot hold a “watch party”, or as we in New York call, a viewing party for their fans during Game 7.

Apparently teams are only allowed to hold one viewing party per series.

Deadspin first reported the story.

If you have ever attending a viewing party, especially when your team is in the middle of a deep playoff run, then you understand how exciting of an event that they can be.

The New York Rangers held an epic viewing party in Bryant Park during their 2014 playoff run. Tens of thousands of fans flocked to the outdoor event.

So here are Tampa Bay fans, amped for a Game 7 Eastern Conference Finals match-up against the PIttsburgh Penguins and the NHL takes the part of the Soup Nazi.

“No viewing party for you.”

First the NHL tried to take away the Olympics, something fans thoroughly enjoy, and now die-hards can’t even enjoy watching the games together.

Not to mention the endless parade of lockouts that they put their loyal fan base through every time the CBA is up for negotiation.

The league should stop bothering it’s fans, you know,  the one’s who pay for the product.

Go home NHL, maybe you drank too much at Tampa Bay’s last viewing party.

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