New York Mets Series Preview: Cespedes, Conforto & Co. Look To Make Statement In D.C.

Keys to a Series Win

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

A serious concern for Mets Nation is which New York team is going to show up in this series. It can be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde, no one knows. The team has two faces, one good, one bad.

Will we get the good, locating, methodical Big Sexy or the bad, tabloid-inducing, oddly-off Bartolo?

What about the big bats and offense? Will it be the consistent, steady swinging wood of April, or the dreadful West Coast road-trip bats of May?

How about the 2015 and pre-Tommy Johns Dark Knight or the 2016 slumping, flat Harvey?

Their are many question marks to be answered, but the biggest surrounds the Caped Crusader. Terry Collins was left to wonder whether Harvey needed to skip a start. How about a ‘phantom’ DL stint? Or, maybe a start on short rest will help, who knows?

The team even considered burning everything in Matt’s locker, destroying the bad luck and starting anew…you know, just your average remedy to help a friend in need.

Supposedly, Harvey’s bullpen sessions have been phenomenal. But when it comes time to face those wearing another uniform, his fastball loses zip, and his once-disgusting slider stays flat.