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Oakland Athletics Fan Straight Up Steals Ball From New York Yankees Fan (Video)

On Saturday afternoon at Oakland Coliseum, an Oakland A’s Fan blatantly stole a foul ball from a fan of the New York Yankees. 

Usually, when you see an occurrence like this between two fans of opposing teams, fists start flying and ejections from the stadium occur.

In yesterday’s 5-1 New York Yankees victory over the Oakland Athletics, a foul ball off the bat of Ronald Torreyes made it’s way into the first row of the second deck behind home plate. The souvenir was descending towards a Yankee fan until someone sporting A’s gear reached over.

With his glove, the Oakland fan foolishly reached over the head of the Yankees’ fan and came away with the foul ball.

It’s not foolish because he desired a foul ball. As a matter of fact, I bet every person in the stands would at least attempt to rob a baseball from an opposing fan, it was the Yankees’ fan that got the last laugh.

Not only did his team win, but he received an even bigger souvenir courtesy of the Athletics’ broadcasting crew as they sent him over an autographed baseball by play-by-play announcers Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse.

So, to whoever decides that robbing a baseball from another fan is a good idea, just remember that the other guy usually receives a better prize from people who witnessed the robbery.

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