The ‘Michael Kay Show’ Goes Bonkers Over New York Yankees Lineup (Video)

New York Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay read tonight’s lineup in a unique fashion as his co-hosts were emphatic over every player. 

Those who were watching the Michael Kay Show during the announcement of tonight’s New York Yankees starting lineup witnessed the most magnificent introductions of all time.

While Michael Kay notified those watching on the YES Network and listening on ESPN Radio as to the lineup manager Joe Girardi put together, Don Lagreca and Peter Rosenburg turned into die-hard fans.

After every name introduced by Kay, his co-hosts would jump and cheer for joy. At one point, Lagreca sprinted around the studio in his salmon-colored shirt as if he just won the lottery.

We’re not sure why this bit was organized but it was pure comedy from a trio of sports personas that put on an entertaining show on a regular basis.

Even though you could always presume to be intrigued by their show, this skit will be an instant classic for years to come.

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