New York Mets

After The Dark Knight made his plea, the New York Mets have, indeed, decided to give Matt Harvey a start early next week in Washington D.C.

There’s been no doubt that New York Mets starter has struggled in perhaps the worst way. Last night against the Washington Nationals was the worst start of his career as he gave up a career high nine runs in only 2.2 innings, including seven in the third inning.

His ERA is now close to a 6.00 with a 5.77 ERA.

Harvey has struggled so much this season in most of his starts that manager Terry Collins actually considered skipping the pitcher’s next scheduled start, which would also be against those same Nationals team that lit him up last night.

On Friday, however, the Mets announced Harvey will make his next scheduled start. It’s supposed to be Tuesday but Collins has not made an official word on when Matt will start (either Monday or Tuesday in Washington D.C.).

The Mets are trying to do everything they can to get Harvey going which is why they considered skipping his next start in order to clear his mind, not to mention it would be against the same team that gave him his worst outing.

I think it’s good that the Mets are still putting Harvey out there. You have to keep pitching and maybe in his next few starts, Harvey can finally find his groove. Skipping his start could derail his confidence even more and can show a lack of faith in him.

Harvey has never had a major pitching struggle in his career until this year. His velocity may be a little down but it’s not he totally forgot how to pitch. Still putting faith in Matt despite his struggles could pay huge dividends eventually and know Harvey’s pedigree, it definitely shouldn’t come as a surprise that he will get it going.

Mets fans hope that it will come soon.

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