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Top 10 First Basemen In New York Yankees History

6. Wally Pipp

Wally Pipp is one of the most overshadowed players in Yankee history, and would have been much more renowned if it wasn’t for him sitting out with a headache and the emergence of Lou Gehrig.

Players and broadcasters often joke that players may get “Wally Pipped” if they sit out with a minor injury and another player performs in their place.

Nonetheless, Pipp hit .282 with 833 RBIs in his 11 year Yankee career.

He perhaps had his best season, hitting .304 with six homers and 109 RBIs, in helping the Yankees secure their first world championship. He only averaged seven homers a year in his Yankee career, which was considered powerful at the time.

A true run producer, Pipp should not be forgotten when thinking of the best to play the position.1abc1TCYankees2SmallDark