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Top 10 First Basemen In New York Yankees History

Kathy Willens, AP Photo
Kathy Willens, AP Photo

As part of ESNY’s quest to rank the greatest franchise’s greatest players, we move along to New York Yankees first basemen as we work our way around the diamond. 

By Emmanuel Berbari

First base is one of those positions that demands excellence. When you look at the corners of both the infield and the outfield, you tend to see scattered power bats and well-rounded players.

Fortunately, the New York Yankees have had the benefit of fielding some terrific first basemen throughout their history that have helped give the position a true identity.

From all-time greats to players whose moments landed them in Yankee lore, first base has been a position of strength for a franchise that expects nothing short of greatness.

With that being said, let’s run down the ten most prolific players to man this position in the pinstripes. 1abc1TCYankees2SmallDark