According to Peter Vescey, Phil Jackson never had any intention of searching for a coach. It was always going to be his buddy, Kurt Rambis.

The latest report about the New York Knicks‘ coaching search comes less than a week after ESPN’s Marc Stein reported that the Knicks had narrowed down their search to two candidates, David Blatt and Kurt Rambis.

That’s the most believable report during Phil Jackson‘s entire tenure with the Knicks.

The only question is why hasn’t Rambis been officially announced as the head coach yet? The first instinct is to say that Jackson is trying to sell owner James Dolan on the idea. Dolan would likely prefer that Jackson do a formal search before handing the reigns over to his buddy. Especially when that buddy is a bad coach. You’ve heard about how he gave Ryan Gomes more minutes than Kevin Love right?

Well if it didn’t annoy you enough that Phil’s puppet was going to be the coach next year, check out Vescey’s other tweet.

If that’s true Jackson should be fired. He actually had Tom Thibodeau reach out to him, and he showed no interest?

The sad part is that it’s not about winning for Phil Jackson. He’d rather lose with the triangle (Rambis) than win without it (Thibodeau).

Ironically the only person who can save the Knicks right now is Dolan. He can step in and tell Jackson that enough is enough, and to look beyond his best friend to be the next head coach. If need be, Dolan can fire the head coach with 11 rings.

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