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New York Yankees: Five Strongest Outfield Arms In Team History

1. Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth made his mark on the game of baseball with his bat, not arm, but many people tend to forget that the Great Bambino’s arm might be in the conversation for the strongest in the history of baseball.

Ruth, an ex-pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, recorded 204 outfield assists which is good enough for 48th on the all-time list in outfield assists.

Keep in mind, Ruth recorded a total of 549 assists and spent the beginning portion of his career as a pitcher. Imagine where his outfield assist total would be if he had been an outfielder all his life.

Do you agree or disagree with the ranking of the strongest arms in Yankee history? Which arm do you think deserves to be mentioned alongside these historic figures? Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

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