New York Knicks

According to Frank Isola, Carmelo Anthony blew off New York Knicks President Phil Jackson’s triangle camp. Can anyone blame him?

According to the NY Post, the New York Knicks will be holding a seminar about the ever-important triangle, led by its greatest supporter, Phil Jackson. 10 of the Knicks from this season’s roster, but Carmelo Anthony isn’t one of them.

Per Ian Begley of ESPN, Anthony made it clear that he wants more input in the offseason decisions. After speaking with Jackson in an exit meeting following the season, he wants to know about the direction of the franchise.

“Just an understanding of kind of a plan, a plan of action of what they’re trying to do, what we’re trying to do, what we’re trying to accomplish here. I don’t really have — I think everybody knows my questions that I have. So it’s just a matter of them kind of being transparent with me. We talk. We have an open dialogue, an open conversation, about how we all can get better at this situation moving forward, what I can do to kind of help and kind of fill the holes that we need to fill at this point.”

Anthony went on with his thoughts about the team’s free agency.

“I look at the list [of free agents] every day. Whether it’s for me, whether it’s for other teams,” he said. “I want to see what other guys are thinking about as far as who they want to get to better their team and where we fit in the free-agency market. I look at that stuff. Those are things I pay close attention to.”

No one can criticize Anthony’s commitment to the team’s success when he makes comments like that. It’s his commitment to Jackson and the triangle that he has never fully given. And why should he?

When Frank Isola of the NY Daily News initially reported that Jackson was going to lead a boot camp about his famed offense, it naturally led to mockery.

Apparently Melo took the seminar about as serious as Isola. Anthony wasn’t lying when he said he was sick of saying the world “triangle.” Not only is he sick of saying it, he’s sick of practicing it, watching video of it, and talking about it too.

Or maybe he’s discouraged by the fact that Jackson’s running the camp with Kurt Rambis. Everyone else is.

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