New York Knicks

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson will continue to shove the triangle offense down his team’s throats during a silly offseason camp.

By Chip Murphy

Phil Jackson is apparently willing to coach the lowly New York Knicks. For a couple days anyway.

According Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, the winningest coach in NBA history (just ask him he’ll tell you all about it) is going to take a group of lucky Knicks on a special journey aptly called a “triangle seminar.”

The Knicks need to learn more about the triangle offense like they need a hole in the head, but Jackson is determined. No matter the extent of his new team’s failures, Jackson refuses to adapt to the drastic change in the NBA.

The Knicks finished the season leading the league in post up possessions, and 12th in field goal percentage (an average 44%) on the traditional play that’s been pushed aside by most NBA teams.

Of the teams who finished in the top-15 in post up possessions, only six made the playoffs. So how about the pick and roll that is easily one of the most common forms of success in today’s game? Well, the Knicks were last in p and r ball handler possessions and 25th in roll man possessions (via NBA Stats).

Do any of those numbers even matter? We’re all just tearing our hair out for no reason. The old man won’t change.

In two seasons, Jackson has captained the Knicks like the Titanic to a record of 49-115. His vaunted offense was at the bottom of the barrel in offensive rating (29th in ’14-’15 and 24th in ’15-’16) and effective field goal percentage (27th in ’14-’15 and 28th in ’15-’16). Although they were second in the NBA in passes per game in both season, the Knicks were just 19th and 26th in assists respectively.

The unorthodox nature of this seminar continues to show how Jackson is unfit as a leader. When asked about critics of the triangle, Jackson responded with the toughness of a child.

“There are critics? Who are these people? Why would people even say that? Do they have 11 championships to show you when they talk about that?”

Spoken like a strong-willed trailblazer.

The fact that Jackson’s partner in mediocrity, Kurt Rambis, is involved with this intellectual experience doesn’t bode well for those hoping for a change at the head coaching position.

Jackson has made it clear that whether Rambis keeps the position or not, the man with 11 championship rings will be the real head coach. It’s no surprise Steve Kerr didn’t want the job.

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