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The New York Mets recently called up Rafael Montero to account for Jacob deGrom’s absence. Is this Montero’s last chance to prove himself?

By David Hong

As a result of Jacob deGrom’s lat issue and the bullpen shouldering (pun intended) major work on Monday’s game, the New York Mets called up Rafael Montero from Triple-A Las Vegas for pitching help.

Montero has pitched in the majors the last two seasons but has been yo-yoed between the majors and minors.

Add to that resume some health issues, particularly the shoulder issue from last season, and one can see why Montero’s Major League career has been inconsistent.

To add insult to injury,  Montero has not been consistent on the mound.

Montero was once a high pitching prospect, but his inconsistency has all but erased any hopes he may have had of being a regular for the Mets pitching staff.

Montero pitched for Las Vegas in the Pacific Coast League’s opener on Tuesday, giving up two runs (one earned), three hits, two walks and threw 81 pitches in five innings.

Montero’s stay in the majors will depend heavily on Jacob deGrom’s health.

This will most likely be  Montero’s last chance to show that he belongs in the majors after underachieving the past couple of years.

Add these inconsistencies along with shoulder issues, and it’s easy to conclude that Montero may be in think ice with the Mets brass.

This will be a big opportunity for Montero as this could be his last chance to prove his worth as a Major League pitcher.

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