New York Knicks

The New York Knicks will thankfully play the last game of their 2015-16 NBA season tonight without Carmelo Anthony. The reason? Rest.

By David Hong

The New York Knicks will play their final game of the 2015-2016 season tonight vs the Indiana Pacers.

Knicks star Carmelo Anthony will sit out the finale of this dreadful season.

The reason he’s sitting out? Rest. Literally, “rest” is the documented reason provided.

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Don’t get me wrong. Melo is still a great player and despite another disappointing Knicks season, I give him a lot of credit for becoming a more unselfish as a player, more team oriented, and more of a leader.

However, sitting out Game 82 with no postseason in sight is a little disconcerting.

Come on Melo. Are you kidding me?

What is it? Is it because of the upcoming Summer Olympics? Still, that’s three months away as well.

If you gave the previous reason for sitting out because you want to give the younger players more playing time to develop, then fine, that’s definitely understandable.

But because of rest when you could all offseason to do that with the next NBA season six months away.

I’m sorry but this was surely a laughable moment. At least lie to us and tell us you have a bum hammy or something.

It’s just more evidence of why the Knicks franchise continually sends the wrong signals.

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