New York Mets’ Howie Rose & Gary Cohen: Top Five Calls Of Last 20 Years

3. Rose and Cohen call Wilmer Flores‘ Walk-Off after Tears

How can you not love this?

Not only did it happen just last season, but also it represents the turning point of a mediocre Mets team to an Amazin’ Mets team.

Just days before, in a series against the Padres, Wilmer Flores found out in-game he was traded to Milwaukee…ouch.

It hurt even more when the trade fell through and Wilmer became a folk hero for this pennant-winning team.

Not until this moment. Opening up a massive three-game series with the Washington Nationals, behind by three games in the standings, Flores took a ball deep to left field in the bottom of the 12th to prove miracles really do happen.

The Mets won the game, they delivered a series sweep, and went on to win their first National League East division title since 2009.

Listen to both Rose and Cohen’s calls here.