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New York Yankees: 10 Most Memorable Opening Day Moments

6. Apr. 9, 1996 

When you think of Opening Day, you might think of a warm spring day with the sun shining bright. Don’t we all?

For the Yankees in ’96, however, their home opener was greeted by snowfall.

Andy Pettite was the starting pitcher, Joe Girardi was the starting catcher, and batting 9th and making his home opener debut at shortstop, Derek Jeter.

Jeter went 1-for-3 with a walk and a run scored in the contest while Pettite pitched 6.1 innings of three-run ball while striking out six. The Yankees went on to beat the Kansas City Royals 7-3.

This would be the start of a Hall-of-Fame career for Jeter, and the start of a season that finished with the Yankees breaking their 18-year World Series drought. Jeter also went on to win the Rookie of the Year award.